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Customs clearance for each vehicle including insurance and license plates: 170 pounds
Escort: 35 pounds each day
Police escort (compulsory): 35 pounds each day
Desert guide in own vehicle with assistant: 88 pounds a day
Visa on arrival: 35 pounds each person
Reserved hotel accommodation: at cost + 20% (Libyan hotels do not give commission to agencies)

There must be room in your vehicles for the escort and the policeman. If not, they will have to travel in another vehicle which will cost an extra 88 pounds a day. Outside Tripoli, you must also pay for all meals for the escort and the policeman, and outside Tripoli you must pay also for their accommodation.

With driving your own vehicles, the question of half-board does not come into the tour, as you will be taking your meals and paying for them directly to restaurants. Also, you will pay all your own sightseeing and entrance fees.

However, if we provide all the services including acommodation, vehicles, guding, sightseeing and meals, the cost for 4 people for a 15 day coastal and desert tour is approximately 1266 pounds each person plus visa on arrival at 35 pounds each person. This reduces to 1172 pounds each person if there are 6 persons.