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US jartokon muszaly legalabb 15 evesnk lenni es angulol beszelni, itt soha sem adjak a veszkijarati ulest gyerekenek es olyanoknak akiknek nem tudjak elvegezni a teendojuket vesz eseten. Pl a Southworst website:
A passenger seated in an exit seat must:
be 15 years of age or older
have the capacity to perform the applicable functions without the assistance of an adult companion, parent, or other relative
have the ability to read and understand instructions related to emergency evacuation provided by Southwest in printed or graphic form
have the ability to understand oral crew commands
have sufficient visual capacity to perform applicable functions without the assistance of visual aids beyond contact lenses or eyeglasses
have sufficient aural capacity to hear and understand instructions shouted by Flight Attendants without assistance beyond a hearing aid
have the ability to adequately impart information orally to other passengers
A passenger seated in an exit seat must not:
require a seat belt extension to fasten seat belt
have a condition or responsibilities, such as caring for small children, that might prevent them from performing the applicable functions
have a condition that might cause the person harm if he or she performs one or more of the applicable functions

All customers sitting in the exit row must be willing and able to meet the following
exit row requirements:

1. 15 years of age or older
2. able to read, understand and give instructions in English
3. free from any condition that would prevent you from performing the required duties
4. willing and able to assist in case of an emergency.

Exit row seat does not decline. A zokni nagyon jo, alcohol hogyaszta tenyleg nem ajanlott, vagy csak egy ital.