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Del-Afrikai életkép oroszlánnal (húzós)

S African jailed for feeding man to lions

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa (Reuters) — A white farmer convicted of feeding one of his black workers to lions was jailed for life by a South African judge on Friday, ending a racially charged case which highlighted the abuse of rural black laborers.

The South African Press Association (SAPA) reported that Mark Scott-Crossley was given life and black laborer Simon Mathebula was sentenced to 15 years, partly suspended, for his role in a murder that shocked this crime-hardened nation.

The grisly killing of 41-year-old farm worker Nelson Chisale provoked an outcry in South Africa where, more than a decade after the end of apartheid rule, some white farmers are still accused of abusing and exploiting black workers.

Little more than Chisale’s skull, shards of bone and a finger were found at an enclosure for rare white lions early last year.

The incident was apparently sparked by a dispute between the deceased and his then employer Scott-Crossley.

In testimony earlier this year, the court heard that Chisale was assaulted when he returned to collect his belongings from the farm where he previously worked.

It heard that Scott-Crossley had kicked a wound Chisale had received in the attack, pointed a gun at him and told him to pray.

A few hours later the prosecution maintained that Chisale was thrown over the fence of a lion enclosure. A post mortem showed the cause of death as being “mauled by lions.”

In a bizarre twist, local media reported that Scott-Crossley was married in a magistrate’s court on Friday morning shortly before his sentencing.

Protesters demanding life sentences for Scott-Crossley and his two co-accused black employees have picketed some sittings of the court in the town of Phalaborwa close to the Kruger National Park northeast of Johannesburg.

A third employee arrested in connection with the death turned state witness against his former employer and colleague.

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