Dóri, remélem megy az angol

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Dóri, remélem megy az angol

Ez egy válasz egy hasonló felvetésre, mint a tiéd..

im not trying flame anybody as i dont like doing that kind of thing but some of the things you said are crude. You sound like you might be a farang woman. because i analysed your posts and language you use words like “exploit” and then you took the oppurtunity to state that everybody here is fat old bald and ugly. how do you know, im here and im 30, full head of hair(short style), no big gut, in shape, young and decent looking, i came to to thailand as next choice in my vacations and now im on my 3rd trip trip there, i realized exactly what the board members point out and that is (and im from Canada) white farang woman could never compete with any asian woman and that includes china ,japan,thailand,malaysia and india, and india and china and malaysia are not poor countries so how do you explain the amazing attitudes on those woman, i think its a possibility that you may be a farang woman who felt insulted with these posts and made a personal attack against these posters. these posters are totally correcty 99% of farang woman have attitudes that need fixing, many are selfish, wanna act like man, dont know the meaning of being feminine, and many are overweight as the countires they are from have not very healthy balanced diets and are surrounded by fast food and many have gotten so deeply into their carreers they dont even know how to cook a healthy meal for themselves. I know how to cook. as my mother taught me when i was a kid asi i grew up as she took the time away from work to raise me while my father worked (she stayed off work for 23 year to raise my borther and me she went back to work when i was 15 because she had to because my father had a heart attack and had togo off work because he worked to hard and was to stressed. She is from eastern europe and even though she might be considered a farang lady she was of the generation where farang woman will still feminine. she tells me today at her old age that the woman in this country (Canada) disgust her as they are more concerned about their careers more than their families and she is disgusted too see how many have affairs in the workplaces as when she went back to work she told me how her farang woman supervisor was sleeping with the owner of the business which enabled her too get the supervisory position, and he was ugly. And another thing she was married and her husband has no idea. funny thing is i dated a farang woman not really dated but i met her at restauarant with her friends shr slept with me on the 3rd date and then decided to tell me she was married afterwards , and her own friends hid this from me. she told me that she wasnt satisfied in her marriage, you want to hear the ugly truth, she told me she lived in a beautiful 2300 sqaure foot home, her husband bought her a nice car , he made lots of money treated her like gold and never cheated on her, and her reason for cheating, “im bored” “the sex is no good no more” (poor husband)

anyway im getting off topic ive scene much to many sad cases with farang woman who are spoiled too much . I mean another girl i dated who was not a cheater but she was so demanding and if she never got her way she whine like baby.

i use to continue to pursue farang woman as i thought this is woman whati can do , until i accidentally stumbled on thailand and realized there are woman with better personalities in the eastern part of the world ,and quite frankly not that it matters better healthier looking bodies. im not stating they are perfect but being honest if i had to choose id pick an asian woman over a frang woman by a long stretch, sorry but you white whales just can t even come close , you’ve just lost the concept and cant figure out how to have a good relationship with a man and make him happy.

and another thing ive been to thailand and have gone with p4p woman and also some non p4p woman and im not ashamed to admit it. the sad part is that some of the poorest p4p woman have way better personalities than you white whales.

And some of the older men have married these woman knowing perhaps theyare looking for financial security but accepted them anyway because they are far better woman than you white whales.

Have you been to Issaan? Many farang men married to thai woman, happily. i met one in pattaya this guy was happily married to his thai woman for over 13 years. it was so nice to see him and her (they were on a holiday in pattaya)with their 1 child and her parents and her sister and brother , this girl was so happy and appreciative of him , icould see it in her eyes , and he said to me you know she married me for financial security but you know what , i dont care shes happy , im happy ,her family is happy (by the way its amazing how these woman include their family on everything and show such high family values something that is disappearing in america with many farang woman)

Ill tell you if most men living in america had any idea what some eastern woman are like , they would never settle or marry any farang woman, tehy only do in america because they have no idea such things exist and only believe everything they read in the media. at one time in my life i only desired heavily the white woman here ina america beacuse i had no idea what else was out there .

and i understand there are many slefish thai woman etc etc. hey they are human too, but the difference is there general attitude and there way of life.

you say that these girls have posters of young good looking people in there rooms, you are imposing your western way of thinking on them , i was in thai girls room before, she had no posters on the wall ,(shes not gonna waste her money on that) all she had was a bhuddist mini shrine in the corner near the roof (like one of these shelves with the bhudda and these candles) she said to me everyday before i go to work i ask bhudda to bring me good luck. (now you dont see farang woman doing that instead they sleep with their bosses to get a promotion and if they dont get a promotion they accuse them of sexual harassment)

If some of them make jokes about the farangs they go with , hey they do have an a very good sense of humor , this is there way , in your western way you would see it as an insult but in their way they do it to gain face with their friends .

i fail to see how you spent 17 years in pattaya and are not even aware of many realities based on your very crude comments about exploitation.

Many farang men are just fed up with farang woman, also many men have been seriously hurt and have been taken to the cleaners by farang woman, this is the subconsious reason why so many get disgusted when they see these fat whale farang woman dragging their asses around pattaya giving strange looks when they see a farang guy and thai woman having the time of there life strolling around pattaya. its not about not being able to get laid in there own country . this once again is your western way of thinking and you have to make yourself feel better by amking crude comments about exploitation etc etc. many woman are not being expolited . In fact if you coul understand a different culture you would know that many asian woman are less concerned about age and looks and are more concerned about financial security and being treated with repect and appreciating that treatment(one thing many farang woman dont know how to appreciate when they are being treated good, you have to treat them like shit to get any respect from them) quite frankly im sick of that in farangland of having to put on a show and purposely treat a woman bad so i can get some respect from her and then having a farang woman telling me that she belives she has to treat a a man bad on purpose so she can get respect from him thngs have really gotton screwed up here in america and asia was the 1st place in which i treated a girl good and she showed me the same respect back (i thought to myself wow)
sorry begs but you set me off : i could not sit there and watch you make such crude comments and get away with it

bottom line there are many fat white farang woman whales dragging there asses around pattaya and im sure if they would just join in on the party instead of passing around dirty looks they would be accepted by many board members here but the problem is they are dragging the white fat assess around the city and imposing there western ways by being snobby and giving dirty looks as they do every day here in america andthis is why many board memebres are complaining as it is beacsue of the atitudes these white woman whales are presenting.

you know i had a good experience in jomtien during songkran last year , i was at a beer bar up there and there were 4 farang woman siting in there enjoying themselves and not giving dirty looks to anybody . they were between the ages of 40-50 and i guess they were mature to have an open mind about peoples lifestyles, i asked them how do they like pattaya and they said they loved it , they said they loved all smiles on everyboidies faces ,everybody havinga good time
i was quite surprised and i guess they been of an ealrier generation of farang woman who knows .

anyway some men here in pattaya dont want to settle down and want to have fun while others develop relationships , some guys go with girls and then give them money and tell them to leave and those girls are happy to take the money and move on. others have other ineteresting situations . There is a lot of pay for play going on . But please begs dont impose those western views around here
you go t the right to post your oppinion and now i posted my oppinion back to you.

I think your wrong in what you said and i know so because i can get laid in my own country but have no ineterst in farang woman anymore and im sure this is the situation with most the guys on the board ,anybody get can get laid in their own country ive seen proof of this. what we dont like in our own country is the crap we have to put up with after we get laid with a certain woman.