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inshaa allah

“leszegényebb se egy idült alkoholista,vagy drogos vagy prosti mint hazákban”

Kedves Muszlina. Tenyleg? Sok boldogsagot kivanok tovabbra is.

Cairo: a developed style for marketing
As is the case with the Sinai, Egyptian security forces pick and choose what drug deals they want to bust, Al-Badil’s investigative report alleged.
In Cairo, the report said, people sell drugs in their parked cars in front of universities, colleges and high schools, as well as cafes, and even in pharmacies and libraries.
Although some dealers have been caught and their shops closed, “Doulab Sakina” in Sakina village, near Sitt Zeinab Mosque, is still open under the surveillance of the local security.
Al-Badil also mentioned a shop in Ared al-Basri where addicts can get pharmaceutical pills without prescriptions.
Upper Egypt and the motorcycles:
In Upper Egypt, according to a study by Dr. Shehata, manager of the international cooperation for the country’s General Direction to Fight Drugs, some dealers are cultivating cannabis and poppy plants because the climate is conducive to this type of growing.
As well, the geography of this territory is difficult to monitor and enter. Recent statistics indicate that some 10.5 percent of the legal cases in that part of Egypt are about drugs, a percentage that continues to grow ever year.
Mostapha Mohammad, manager of Sheikh Fadel Information Center in Miniah, said that most of the addicts in this region are between 15 and 25 years old.
He claims that the reason this drug trade continues is because the police back the big dealers.
He also said that the increase in the sales of motorbikes makes for drugs distribution more widespread, allowing the drivers, most of whom are unemployed to reach places they normally would not reach in cars.
Port Said: 30,000 unemployed
The report also indicated that unemployment is one of the main reasons behind drug abuse.
MP Mohammad Mostapha Shardi agreed with this assessment, and referred to the closure of the free zone in Port Said as an example of the growing unemployment rates. “We have 20,000 young man working in the investment zones, and 30,000 unemployed. How wouldn’t they turn to drugs?”
Despite the presidential decision to extend the work in the free zone for three years, the citizens of Port Said, where drugs are imported from the Sinai and Al-Sharkiya, believe the initial closure was a catalyst for youth to turn to drugs.
On the other hand, lawyer Mohammad Al-Shaarawi said that class plays a major role in who is held responsible for substance abuse or trafficking.
“Only the poor people are caught, while the rich remain free. They have special places that no-one can reach, while the poor always pay the price.”

Cheaper drugs in Alexandria

“Sika” a drug dealer who was interviewed in the report, disclosed secrets of smuggling and trafficking.

“All the dope in Cairo comes from Alexandria,” smuggled in cookie packages.

“Sika” with his 90 drugs cases, is specialized in drugs, selling a range of drugs and that range in quality to capture markets for both the rich and the poor.

The pharmacies and pharmaceutical representatives also play a role in this trade, according to the Al-Badil report – stealing pills and selling them for double their worth.

Sika said that 99% of the weddings are occasions for drugs abuse. “The groom puts 25 grams of drugs on every table. It even happens during police officers’ weddings.”

“Concerning distribution,” he says, “On the marina, Arabs loaded with guns distribute drugs and the government knows about them, but nobody can touch them.”

According to a 2008 report from the General Direction to Fight Drugs, approved by the International Drugs Committee during its 50th session held in Vienna in 2007, Egypt is ranked second after South Africa as a poppy source in Africa, followed by Morocco and Nigeria.