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– másik szerint (klem gyûjtése)- itt mintha az árak alacsonyabbak lennének €-ban, mint a másiknál £-ban… bizonyára keményen alkudni kell.

so 15 days to 20 days are enough to do complete package ,and this depend if you want to use your own cars and motorbikes,as we told you we can arrange all that but we thing its better if we forward to some programes to choose or adjust.

we normally give the price for compelet packge as per person per day and it includes evrything starting from visa to the end ,but if you like vto have prices for seperate services that is fine too

yes the tours can be mixed for the coast and desert as well,its up to your request and you can drive your own cars after you finish all the requerments at the border such as plates ,insurance and some fees plus you must be with company staf all the trip may be with company car espicially in the desert .

the prices for until 31 /4/2007 are 89 eruo to 110 eruo per pax per day for complete package even less depend on how many persons in the group

guide is 30 euro per day,policeman free of charge,hotels depend on stars 955 e to 90 e) per night in DBL ,40 E TO 70 E FOR SINGLE ROOMS,VISA 45 e PER PASSPORT,…etc

we will process the visa and and it will be visa on arrival which you receive 2 in 2 day before arrive and copy at entrence boarder