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Szia Angela, en nem vagyok nover, de azt tudom hogy igaz hogy novereket mindig keresenek kulfoldrol is. Angela a folyekony angol ami a szakmai angol az nagyon fontos, annelkul nem megy. Ha azt megtanulod akkor nincs nagy akadaly. Sok szerencset.

How much experience do I need in order to apply to USMS global recruitment service?
You need at least three years practical experience. You are also required to have passed CGFNS.

What English Language scores are required for the TOEFL/ TSE or IELTS exams?
You must get a TOEFL score of 207 and TSE of 50. You must have an IELTS Academic score of 6.5 with 7.0 speaking.

What are the rates of pay in the USA?
You will be earning approximately $20-$40 per hour. These all depends on where you are and the exact job you do. Additionally, there are many benefits, including shift differential, overtime pay, educational assistance and more.