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– We applied for our (transit) visa in Dushanbe (See Tajikistan page for more details)

– We entered the country south of Nukus. Very friendly. There is an English speaking officer that does nothing else but helping foreigners. Lots of paperwork to do, it took us about 5 hours. Costs:

– Immigration card: 10US$/person + 2US$/person bank costs

– Car import:

– Desinfection: 1US$

– Transitfee: 30US$

– Fuel Tax: 24US$ (Calculated on the length of your traject. Always specify the shortest traject, even if you are travelling differently)

– Insurance: 35US$

– Documentation: 5US$

– Banking costs: 2US$

Everything to be payed in cash US$

– No registration required when travelling on a transit visa

– Frequent policechecks, but not as dramaticly as many people think (we had more checks in Jordan for example). Always very friendly.

– No carnet required.

– Left the country in Bajgirn (south of Ashgabat): Friendly and fast. Payed nothing.

– Insurance: Obligatory. Foreign insurances are not accepted.