I am looking for a pet sitter business partner in FL

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    DogsGoWalking LLC is a professional dog walking and pet sitting service, providing outstanding service for clients in East Hollywood Florida.
    To learn more you can visit http://www.dogsgowalking.com

    I am looking for a partner who would work under the DogsGoWalking name and be able to provide the same quality service as I do.
    It is not a job offer, it a long term investment. You have to establish clients in your area and as a new business you are expected invest in shared advertisement costs.

    If you would like to join me in my DogsGoWalking business:

    -You have to enjoy taking care of dogs and cats
    -You have to undergo a strict background check
    -You have to be willing and able to provide a very high quality of pet care
    -You have to be nice, knowledgeable, and honest with our clients
    -You have to be available to work as a full time dog walker
    -You have to be physically fit (some services involve running with dogs outdoors)
    -You have to live close to your service area (you choose the surrounding you would like to provide service for)
    -You have to follow uniform requirements (dark green short or pants with light yellow DogsGoWalking T-shirt)
    -You still have to invest for your immediate neighborhood advertisement (flyer, local paper advertisements)
    -Everything you do under DogsGoWalking have to be approved by the DogsGoWalking team

    Short and long term advantages of joining DogsGoWalking:

    – We can combine P.S.I. membership fees, insurance, and bonding expenses every year under a single company name (you’d pay part of what you’d pay individually, and in today’s world insurance/bonding is a must!)
    -You don’t have to go through all the legal processing and fees to start a business, as I have already done this for the DogsGoWalking name. You will be able to work legally as a contractor for DogsGoWalking, under my current insurance policy.
    -We can be listed in Yellow Book, news papers under DogsGoWalking, with different service areas and phone numbers listed for various members.
    -We will reach a wider client base with less cost due to shared advertising expenses. (Advertisement is a must to invest)
    -You and your service area/contact info will be featured on the DogsGoWalking.com website. (A complete website makeover is coming soon!)
    -Establish a name in high quality pet care service
    -You keep what you earn (this isn’t a pyramid scheme where I profit from your work – we just contribute evenly to our joint advertisement, insurance costs to raise profit potential for both parties while establishing a good name in the business!)
    -Brand recognition (grow with the brand!)
    -If you are inexperienced and just getting started in pet sitting I will offer invaluable advice and assistance
    -We can support each other with referrals when a client calls and we are overbooked

    I am not just looking for anybody. I am looking for a person who will have the same positive and determined attitude towards work that I have, who is very ambitious and wants to be part of a respected name in the pet sitting industry, and who is willing to invest time, money and hard work in a long term relationship with DogsGoWalking!
    Established dog walkers are welcome of course, let’s join forces and strengthen our positions!
    I am looking forward to meeting you. I might be very strict regarding business guidelines, and quality work, but it is only because I believe in providing the very finest service for our clients! I am a friendly person whose most important concern is dogs and an excellent service provided for them.

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