Pucallpa, Peru-bol Braziliaba

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    Pucallpa, Peru-bol Braziliaba.

    Hogyan lehet nem-repulovel menni?

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    elegans megoldas:

    Looks like this might be too late for you Sindberg, too bad you weren’t there a little earlier! I left walking from Pucallpa to Cruzeiro do Sul, leaving June 24, 2011, arriving 28 days later. It is definitely possible, but not recommended for the faint of heart and there are REAL dangers, including coca growers (not like the indigenous kind, but specifically to produce paste for further processing in Brazil), smugglers carrying illegally mined gold and other products, people who will think you are either with the DEA or a “pistaco” (if you don’t know look it up on wikipedia, very important for any visit to Peru). You can skip up the river Abujao on boats much of the way toward Cantegallo (the military base and failed colony on the border in the jungle between Peru and Brazil). With a guide, you could cross the border and arrive in Boa Vista in Brazil the same day. During the rainy season, you might actually be able to come very close to arriving in Cantegallo via boat, during the dry season, it is a 7-10 hour hike on trails that are easily lost. Once you arrive in Boa Vista (or another place on the other side) you can take a canoa down to the Jurua and then out to Cruzeiro. By boat it will take you a good 2 to 2 1/2 days solid. THE MUCH EASIER WAY is to take a flight from Pucallpa to (I think I heard) to Victoria/Port Walter (but it could have been Thamaturgo) and then boat down the Jurua to Cruzeiro. In Cruzeiro, you will need to register with the police who will stamp your passport, if they believe your reasons for arriving this way. Note* if you are from the United States, you will need to have a preapproved visa (letting them also know your plans) usually granted by the Brazilian embassy in Lima. If anyone would like more information, about this or other areas, please feel free to contact me through my website http://www.iamwalking.org. I just returned from walking 3 years from Los Angeles to Brazil. Have fun!

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Hozzászólás: Pucallpa, Peru-bol Braziliaba
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