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    Hey Xman,

    i’d like to ask for your help, i’ve got a question for you… i’m on B2 in the country (with legal I-94), just got accepted by school, i know i need to go home to get the student visa issued (staying and changing only the status is not an option – wanna be able to leave and go anytime)… i’m also aware of having the tuition fee paid in advance is one of the conditions i’m just wondering whether you could give me a clue what other kind of difficulties i have to face by applying for a student visa back home… bottomline is i wanna make sure i’ve got/know everything before i leave i could possibly need to be able to come back…

    thanks in advance, have a good day,


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    en romanul (anyanyelvem) tudok a legjobban,de azert az angolt meg a magyart is jol birom.nagy baj ez? Itt a szep szülövarosom

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    amcsi gyerek-katintomester

    ne legyünk tul durvak xman el, ö magyarul mar nem tud ,angolul pedig meg nem !!!!talan jobban nyomja a romant (anyanyeleve)

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    itt magyarul szoktunk irni, de ha mar angolul irsz legalabb helyesen irnal!

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    Xman, szerintem te nem is tudsz angolul azert nem irsz, neha amit idenyögsz 2 mondatot, abban is hiba van… a sok okosságot ami angolul van azt meg csak ugy linkeled…

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    Online Learning

    There are thousands of universities to get a degree from just a click away.

    It’s a common problem: You want to take some extra classes or even get another degree to help you get ahead in your career. But you don’t have the time to sit in classrooms, and none of the nearby colleges offer the classes you want to take. Virtual classrooms make the learning process far more flexible.

    During the 2000–2001 academic year, 56 percent of all 2- and 4-year degree-granting institutions offered distance education courses, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. With each year, that number continues to grow, and the programs are increasingly sophisticated. Whereas the first online courses relied on little more than a message board and e-mail, today’s virtual classrooms are truly interactive, offering rich presentations, video lectures, streaming audio, and even Web-based access to library materials.

    Many schools—including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Colorado at Boulder—work with Tegrity, a company that helps institutions transform classroom lectures into live, online presentations. At Kansas State University, many of the students in the master’s degree program work full time and live out of state. But these remote students can still attend and participate in the same lectures as campus-based students.

    Professors open PowerPoint, launch the Tegrity software, and interact with both in-class and off-site students. Presentations can include streaming video of the professor, 3D images, shared Web pages, whiteboard notes, and so on. The lecture is then archived and can be accessed on demand by both remote users and students who were in the classroom but want to review the material.

    Schools at the K-12 level are also finding innovative ways to make use of similar Webcasting. This past April, Chicago Public Schools hosted an antiviolence summit, which was streamed to more than 100 area schools and broadcast live to a number of Chicago Web sites.

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    Nyelvet tanulni vagy diplomát szerezni pizsamában is lehet.

    Virtually study anywhere Updated October 2003

    Our E-learning channel helps you find distance education opportunities—courses, certificates, and degrees—that match your needs. Learn what an E-learning course is really like by checking out our latest articles and the discussion board.

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    thx a lot!

    thank you, i’m gonna check them out,
    have a good one,


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    I really don’t have much time now, but these are 3 good sites I recommend for you. Check it out & use their forum.
    Good luck

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